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We are able to manufacture all kinds of colors, spectrum and his team gives you the opportunity to look back at his country house with the original colors with which it was built.

Common Problems

Low coverage

Low coverage may be the result of three factors:

overdilution,painting leaves with a very low viscosity reducing the film thickness thereof.

Roll long hair,use impairs coverage, especially when used with acrylic paints.

Insufficient number of hands,3 recommended coats for better coverage and resistance to washability and durability.

Always follow the information given on the back of the pack

Use short hair rollers.. In addition to improving coverage, help in the final product finish

Always apply the number of hands needed to complete fixation of the paint film.


The fungal spores are found floating in the air is microscopic in size.

For fungal spores can be done needs to be a field conducive to their growth. The possibilities spores are located on a surface are:

Poor ventilation
Environments of little use
Lack of sunlight entry
Condensing environments
The use of open flame stoves

Washing to remove fungi should make a perfect wash with a solution of bleach, which contains about 10 grams of chlorine per liter, then rinsing with water.

In indoor environments where mushrooms are a chronic problem, it should be applied on the walls "antifungal latex paint" in the ceiling, "cEILING" with anti-fungus.

They are spots appearing on painted surfaces causing spalling or destruction of latex paint

It can be caused by two reasons:

Bynatural alkalinity lime or cement plaster made. That alkalinity in presence of moisture, reacts with the acidity characteristic of some types of resin.

By end of the useful life of the paint, which suffered due to wear is deteriorating.

Scraping, filing and sanding the surface removing loose parts.

Apply a coat of fixative for walls ALBA.

Apply the topcoat.


Cracks in plaster caused are produced by construction deficiencies, mainly in the mortars dosage, or by a continuous movement of the facing not calculated.

Commonly called "spider web" of the walls. On outer surfaces, this drawback makes also fisure vertical insulating layer therefore be permeable wall.

En superficies exteriores:

Surface cleaning by manual or mechanical means.

Apply a coat of fixative turpentine.

Two or three coats of acrylic waterproofing DURALBA for Foreign WALLS.

Occur when appropriate dilution solvents are used, or by contamination of painting, elements or surface application.

Remove all paint film and verify that there is contamination in any of the above items.

Apply new paint.
Humidity Ascending

Blisters that appear near the floor (30 cm). Usually caused in places where there is high humidity, or where there was proper waterproofing during construction.

The soil moisture rises by capillarity brick and form blisters mold growth due the humidity of.

Remove blisters, revoke or ink surface.

Rebuild specific waterproofing plaster applied to rising damp.